Anita Patricia White – The Hidden Gem of Reggae

Up next in the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge is Anita Patricia White! Anita is a Jamaican/American recording artist, song writer, author, and motivational speaker. Truly a person of many talents, Anita users the outdoor luxury to inspire her talents and gifts.

She loves to experiment with the goodness of God’s beautiful creation and use that love to encourage and help others to look around them and to develop that love in transforming their own life and environment.

I had the chance to ask Anita a few questions:

Navarre: How long have you been making music?

Anita: I’ve been singing since I was 17 at different hotels and singing with different bands and when I migrated to the United States, I started doing other things, but I’ve always been singing in the church on the choir, solo, and then last year was when I decided to release my first single. So I’ve been singing the majority of my adult life.

Navarre: That’s really cool. What would you say is your biggest inspiration?

Anita: Life inspires me. During my rough times is when I seem to soar the most. I make use of those difficult circumstances and try to create something better that is going to be able to sustain me as I go through trials and difficulties.

Navarre: That’s a really profound answer, and I’m grateful for it. I see your positive messages extends beyond the music. Could you tell me about your other past times?

Anita: I started journaling and writing before I became an Author. Writing inspires me to face difficult situation putting it on paper and examining my feelings. It’s therapy. Again, who I am compels me to always want to help others and how I can get out of situations. I used my life experiences to write so that I’m able to encourage others. I know what it feels like when you have no support, when life becomes difficult, that we’re not able to see beyond today, so what inspires me is being able to help others. I’m also an advocate for the elderly, for abused women, for children without voices. And so, what is living without being able to help someone else to get up and to stand tall especially when you have been there and know what it feels like not to have someone else to have your back.

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