“This is a song of kindness and a song that offers a different perspective with which to look at strangers around us.”

Once again, we have the multitalented Alex Genadinik, bringing more of his incredible music to Navarre’s Lounge. For those of you that are new here, this singer-songwriter has recently jumpstarted his musical career by showcasing his music across all major streaming platforms. Some of his musical inspirations are artists like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and poets like Pushkin, Vladimir Vysotsky, and Bulat Okudzhava. Alex Genadinik not only has a silky-smooth voice but is also accomplished in other facets! Links to Genadinik’s other projects will be linked in the icons at the end of the article. The one we are promoting today is multiple PLR Courses he is offering.

“This is a very romantic song. It is a love song. It’s a song about appreciating love when you have it and about lost love.”

The first song is an English translation of one of the most popular Russian songs, “Полночный Троллейбус”, which translates to “Midnight Trolleybus”. There is your new Russian phrase for the day. The second song is a love song, reminding listeners that Alex Genadinik keeps quality at the forefront of requirements with each of his releases.

Both music videos were released very recently and are still fresh on all streaming services. Follow Alex Genadinik’s through the icons below:

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