This next entry on Navarre’s Lounge features the artist named AFIA, the R&B/soul singer-songwriter who has a solid agenda for her music. She feels at home in Ghana, but also considers The Netherlands home because that is where her family is. While AFIA’s tracklist may be in its early stages, the work and dedication put into the featured piece is noteworthy. The list of AFIA’s inspirations begin with Luther Vandross, 2PAC, Jhené Aiko, Kehlani, Mr Eazi, King Promise, Adele, and Ron Pope. This list alone is incredibly diverse, and we are seeing a lot of musical elements being used in her product to honor these artists.

There are plenty of reasons musicians pursue their goal in the industry, and AFIA’s is one that is not too uncommon. However, very rarely do you find the passion and dedication put into the music and production to back up their claim. Read what she says below:

“I am a beginning artist who uses her music for important messages to be known. It is part of my healing journey and I want to inspire others to heal as well. For yourself and for a better world. ‘Determined’ specifically is about facing systemic resistance and racism but being determined to still thrive. Especially for our ancestors who could not. I want to spread these messages of healing and empowerment so that it could be people’s anthem and they can feel like they are worthy, and that they can overcome whatever they face.”

AFIA’s voice is strong and steady over the soft piano and it stands out proudly. The nature of her vocals are ones that allow me to become less tense and enjoy the music. Think Amber Mark and Alina Baraz. What AFIA has that parallels with these women is the #MOOD. The subtle inflections of her syllables and the tone in her voice reinforce the message passed through the song just as much as the lyrics do.

In the song embedded above, the title “Determined” also serves as the theme, and it is very apparent through the entirety of the song. The visuals show people of color in traditional garb and adornments. They also have hairstyles that are native to the African culture. Bold, powerful, and brave.

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