Navarre’s Lounge is a central location for artists to start getting their creative musical work exposed and gain recognition from other artists, peers, and fans. It is named for the artist Navarre who plans to open a physical lounge for amateur artists to showcase their talents and show the world their skills.

Starting off as his mother’s passing thought, Navarre’s Lounge has grown into an entity that promises to work diligently to promote those that deserve the spotlight, not just those that were given the spotlight.


Navarre is an independent rapper, songwriter, saxophonist, and recording artist from Longview, TX. His latest album, “Ivy”, was released in April 2020. This album also features the musical talents from other artists around the world.

Navarre is determined to claim his stake in the music industry and has begun building up his fan base with over 1,000 followers on Spotify. He has already set plans in motion for his third project which will feature styles from different eras of music.

Navarre was born on April 18, 1992, in Dallas and knew about his passion of music since attending his first Southern Baptist Church sermon. The songs from the choir and the instrumentation from the musicians were enough to kindle the flame for what is Navarre. He traveled the world with the touring group Tops in Blue 2012 as the lead alto saxophone player. He has played in many venues all over the world including the Howard Theater in Washington, DC. Navarre plans on heading back to the booth to make more music worth listening to.